Access Point 1167Mbps AC WIS CM712AC WiController

Access Point 1167Mbps AC WIS CM712AC WiController


Compliant with 802.11ac/n/a/g/b, speed up to 1167Mbps
– Integrated antenna and tx power adjustable
– Supports mass management with Wisnetworks CMS tool
– Gigabit LAN port to maximize the throughput performance
– High output transmission power and receive sensitivity optimized
– Up to 4 Multiple SSID
– 802.3af POE(48VDC) for flexible deployment
– Supports QoS: Traffic Control & WMM
– Supports MAC & IP Address Filter
– Easy to install with ceiling mount and wall mount

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WIS-CM712AC is a stylish PoE Wireless Access Point featuring 802.11ac 2*2 MIMO technology for high end indoor wireless coverage. With Wisnetworks hi-power technology and integrated smart antenna design WIS-CM712AC will provide extended coverage area and ideal for handling multiple HD movies stream, on-line game, stereo music, VoIP and data streams at the same time stably and smoothly. This perfect product is ideal for enterprises, hotels, hospitals and home users to experience the extreme high performance wireless network.

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