Adapter M.2 SSD to 2,5” SATA Logilink AD0019

Adapter M.2 SSD to 2,5” SATA Logilink AD0019


Converts a M.2 SATA III SSD to be a 2,5” (6,35cm) SATA SSD
Can be a primary bootable device containing the OS
(depends on the M.2 SSD and motherboard BIOS)
No driver installation required
Can be embedded storage in PC/notebook or as an external 2.5” SSD with SATA adapter
Compatible with B+M Key M.2 NGFF (SATA) SSD 2230/2242/2260/2280mm
SATA Interface: 22 pin
Support Windows and MAC OS
Dimension: 100.38 x 70 x 7 mm

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This AD0019 is an economical choice to convert M.2 SSD into a 2,5” (6,35cm) SATA SSD storage device. Once being installed into PC/laptop, the M.2 SSD appears as an ordinary SATA storage to any OS and can be configured as a bootable device.

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