Cable FlexWrap 1,8m Logilink KAB0007 Grey

Cable FlexWrap 1,8m Logilink KAB0007 Grey


Flexible and soft cable conduit
Bundles and protects cables reliably
Cut to the required length
Velcro fastener
With flame-retardant feature
Bundle Diameter 32mm (1 – 1/4″)
Color: Gray
Length: 1.80 meters
Cable not included

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Flexible cable conduit from LogiLink for easy bundling of wires. A Velcro closure allows the tube without additional tools in order to lay the cable and then to wrap the cable and by hose to be sealed with velcro. The fabric tube is flame retardant and has a length of 1.80 meters. The bundle diameter is 32mm.

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