Case Cooler 12cm RGB-Fan Alseye HALO 3.0

Case Cooler 12cm RGB-Fan Alseye HALO 3.0


Fan Dimensions:120*120*25mm
Rated Voltage:12V
Fan Speed:1500±10%RPM
Current:0.30A 0.23A ± ±10%
Bearing:Hydraulic Bearing
Fan Connector:3Pin-M4Pin
Lead Wire Lenth:400mm
LED:Single 5Color RGB 15LEDs
Remote Control Need:NO
Attention 8pcs black rubber cushions attached

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The 120mm RGB fan of the Halo 3.0 series from ALSEYE impresses with its new design and is equipped with 16 RGB LEDs.
Rubberized pads underneath the mounting holes prevent this fan from transmitting vibrations to the PC case and ensure smooth operation at up to 1500rpm and 23dBA.
The fan can only be used as an extension of the Halo 3.0 Fan Set.
16 bright RGB LEDs per 120mm fan
Rubberized pads for vibration-free operation
Noise level of only 23dBA
up to 90.90cbm/h at 1500rpm

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