CPU Mount Logilink Adjustable EO0009

CPU Mount Logilink Adjustable EO0009


Designed for mounting the computer under the desk to save more space in the work area
Easy to setup and free-up work space
CPU holder with safety belt to keep the CPU from falling down and also dust-free
Foam pad prevents the device from scratching and accidental dropping
(securely hold the device in place)
Horizontal use is also applicable, if you want to completely hide your CPU under your desk
Maximum capacity: 10 kg
Material: Steel

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Mount your CPU directly under the desk and save more space in your work area.
LogiLink’s adjustable under-desk CPU mount with strap ensures a strong grip,
keeps your CPU from falling down and hides it under your desk.
With less space between your CPU and tabletop it even stays quite dust-free. Also suitable for horizontal use.

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