DVI Splitter M to VGA/DVI F Aculine AD-041

DVI Splitter M to VGA/DVI F Aculine AD-041


The DVI-I VGA Splitter Cable supports multiple audio formats from stereo to multi-channel sound
Plug and Play, easy to install
The DVI-I to VGA Cable is designed with corrosion resistant connectors
Connectors: (24+5) pin DVI-I male connector and dual 15 pin VGA female connectors
This cable only could meet one output working at the same time.It means you only could let one display work even if you plug two VGA output.

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DVI-I Male to Dual VGA Female Adapter Splitter Cable
This DVI-I VGA Cable splits 1 DVI signal to 2 VGA signals
It allows you to attach two VGA enabled devices, such as monitors and projectors, to your computers DVI-I port
Use this DVI-I VGA Adapter Cable to split the signal split from one input device to two output devices

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