Fast Εthernet 16 port switch Tenda S16

Fast Εthernet 16 port switch Tenda S16


16 Autosensing 10/100Mbps switched ports with auto MDI/MDI-X crossover detection
Up to 200Mbps full duplex bandwidth on each port
Compact size fits into any environment
Address Learning and Aging, and Data Flow Control for enhanced transmissionThe switch is built with reduced heat and a longer product life without sacrificing performance or functionality in mind. With superb heat dissipation capability and manufactured with fire proof materials, the switch maintains optimum performance even in extreme environment.Each port on the switch can automatically figure out if the link needs a straight-through or cross-over connection, and make the right choice, eliminating the need for toggle switches or special crossover cables. Plus, the switch adopts the store-and-forwarding forwarding mode and auto-learns/-updates MAC addresses to improve your network performance

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The Tenda S16 16-Port 10/100 Switch provides simple and ideal solution
to expand network for large home, building, leased or rented house and SMB.
Connect this 16-port switch to a router and add up to fifteen additional computers
or other Ethernet-based devices such as a printer, Network-Attached Storage
(NAS), or Internet camera to increase the functionality of your network.
Housed in sturdy plastic case with compact size, it is ideal for desktop installation.

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