Frame Mount SJCAM for SJ6

Frame Mount SJCAM for SJ6


Material: Plastic
Compatible Camera Models SJCAM SJ6
Suitable for camera only, if use BacPac expansion parts at the same time,
please self-equip expansion board
Smooth frame design, compact fit your camera and easy installation
Uses this frame, achieve the nest voice recording and shooting speed.
Packing List :1 x Fixed Frame Case 1 x Long Screw
1 x Buckle Mount x SJCAM Retail Packaging

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Suitable for SJCAM SJ6 cameras only
Smooth & Compact frame design – Snap your SJ6 cam right in.
Rotates 140 degrees allowing you to capture many different angles.
Can be attached to Car Dashcam mount and other mounts.
Uses this frame to achieve the best audio recording and shooting speed.
This includes Protective Border Frame + Long Screw + Buckle Mount.
Compatible Camera Models :SJCAM SJ6

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