HDMI adapter F/F 180 degree Aculine AD-031

HDMI adapter F/F 180 degree Aculine AD-031


HDMI female to female 180 Degree HDMI Adapter
Gold Plated
Compact Size

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With many new Plasma & LCD TV wall instals, the weight of the HDMI cable can cause stress on the HDMI connector. Over time this stress and the plugging and unplugging of cables can cause the HDMI connectors on your HDTV and devices to wear down or become damaged. Avoid this situation and protect your HDTV investment with this 180 HDMI Adapter. This adapter is able to alleviate stress from the HDMI connector by adapting the HDMI cable to suit most cable angle situations. It is an easy way to extend the life your valuable equipment.

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