Lemove Waist Bag WK Pink WT-B08

Lemove Waist Bag WK Pink WT-B08


1. Material: Lycra (84% spandex+16% chinlon)
2. Craft: sewing+silk-screen printing
3. Size: 36*8.5cm
4. Net weight: 83g
5. Waterproof and dustproof

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Waterproof Running Belt For iPhone Android Smart phone Sports Waist Bag Reflective Pouch Breathable Sport Waist Belt Elastic Adjustable Band
The waist bag is manufactured with Chilon Nylon Lycraand Polyester lycra,
Breathable water proof material ,Rupture resistence,with a adjustable elastic strap and a plastic buckle for a perfect fit.
Reflective stripe ,Keep you safe in the night running.
waterproof diving cloth, protect your phone and objects are not sweat soaked
super soft high elastic double belt adjustment Around
The PVC clear screen protector will allow you to have fully control of your phone’s touch screen for a quick access to your favorite music files or answer a phone call.The headphones hole is perfect for an easy connection

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