Mousepad Gel Wrist Rest LogiLink ID00027B Blue

Mousepad Gel Wrist Rest LogiLink ID00027B Blue


Wrist Rest Support
Soft Gel filled
Skid Proof Base
Materials: PU antiskid base + Silicon Gel wrist rest + Lycra cloth
Lycra surface improving Precision and Speed for your Mouse
Providing a Perfect Balance between Friction and Glide
Ideal for Gamer and Graphic Designers
Work’s perfectly with all Mouse type: Ball, Optical and Laser
Gives you a Winning Performance
Color: Blue

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Mousepad with wrist rest
Strong adhesive bottom for optimal steady
Materials: Natural rubber / foam / gel
Material thickness: 3 mm
Wrist rest with gel
Gentle on wrist
Decrease symptoms of fatique
Improves mouse precision and speed
Optimal game performance
Supports all mouse types (ball, optical, laser)

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