Nano Liquid Screen Protector LogiLink AA0116

Nano Liquid Screen Protector LogiLink AA0116


Nano technology – Increases the strength of the display
9H hardness against scratches
Crystal clear, undetectable, bubble-free and does not interfere with the functionality of your screen
Easy application
6 months protection
1 ml bottle can be used for 2x 5.5“ screens (e.g. iPhone 8+/ Samsung S7 Edge)
or 1x 10“ tablet screen (e.g. iPad Pro/ Samsung Tab S3)
Suitable for all smartphone, tablet, camera, smart watch, e-reader and LCD screens.

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The nano liquid screen protector protects against scratches, bacteria, dirt and moisture. Applied in liquid form, it adapts to any display shape and is therefore suitable for all smartphones, tablets, camera screens, smart watches, e-readers and LCD screens.

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