Notebook Adaptor 120W Element EP-120

Notebook Adaptor 120W Element EP-120


All changes of status, like power output, will be
changed automatically
Efficiency: >83%
Fire resistant body
Over-temperature-, Over-voltage-, Over-current-,
Short-, Over-load-protection
Input AC 100-230V / 50-80Hz
Output Adapter DC 15-24V, Max. 120W
24 month warranty
Weight: 0,60 Kg
Size: 42x171x66mm (hxlxw)
Certificates: FCC/ CE/ RoHS
Contains tips for:
M1 15V 6.3*3.0*12mm for toshiba
M4 18,5V 4.8*.1.7*12mm for compaq
M5 19V 5.5*2.5*12mm for acer, compaq, delta, HP, fujitsu, gateway, toshiba, liteon
M7 19V 5.5*2.1*12mm for acer, compaq, delta, HP, fujitsu, gateway, toshiba, liteon
M8 19,5V 6.5*4.4*12mm for Sony
M11 20V 7.9*5.4*12mm for IBM, Lenovo
M12 18,5V 7.4*5.0*12mm for HP, compaq
M15 19V 5.5*1.7*12mm for acer, delta, toshiba, gateway, liteon option

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 80130 Κατηγορία:


If Notebooks or other units powered by those adapters – these
Nitrox-Extended Adapters supply all these units with power. Due
to changeable Tips almost every model can be connected.
The most important feature is the automatic voltage change. If
chosen the right Tip the adapter changes the voltage
automatically depending to this connector. A wrong voltage
should be almost impossible

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