Psu ATX Inter-Tech Argus APS-520W 82+

Psu ATX Inter-Tech Argus APS-520W 82+


Output 520Watt
82 Plus
ATX-Version 2.31
Connectors 1 x 20+4 Pin
1 x 4+4 Pin
1 x PCI-E 6+2 Pin
4 x SATA
4 x Molex
1 x Floppy
Fans 120mm
PFC Active PFC

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The Argus APS-520W – ideal for sophisticated office and gaming solutions
The Argus APS-520W provides the customers with a high efficiency of at least 82% and therefore protects environment and wallet.
Thanks to the efficient construction and the ideal configured connector layout the APS-520W provides with sufficient performance for the connected components.
The yellow 120mm fan works silently and ensures an optimal cooling of the power supply.

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