Soldering Station ATTEN AT980D 80W

Soldering Station ATTEN AT980D 80W


Κωδικός προϊόντος: 404010036


temperatures from 150℃ – 450℃.

Features: -ESD safe digital soldering station
-HD LCD, LCD display with backlight
Easy temperature read-out in ℃ or ℉.

Technical Specifications:
– Power Consumption: 80W
-Input Voltage: 220VAC±10% 50HZ(110V optional)
-Output Voltage: 28VAC
-Temperature Range: 150 ~ 450℃(302 ~ 842℉)
-Temperature stability: ±2℃(still air and have no load)
-Temperature Accuracy: ±10℃
-Tip to Ground Impedance: <2Ω
-Tip to Ground Voltage: <2mV
-Setting Mode: keying Adjustment and Immediate Access
-Temperature-correcting Mode: Digital
-Heating Core: 80W Four-core Ceramics Heating Core