Speaker Edifier B7

Speaker Edifier B7


Power Output : RMS 16WΧ2(Treble)+19 WΧ2(Mid-range and
bass 75W)
Signal to noise ratio : ?85dBA
Frequency response : 48Hz~20kHz (±6dB)
Input sensitivity : Line in: 700 ± 50mV
AUX: 550 ± 50mV
OPT, COA: 400mFFs ± 50mFFs
Input type : Auxiliary/Line in/Coaxial /Optical/Bluetooth
Bass driver : 2?” (70mm)
Treble driver : 3/4” (19mm) silk dome tweeter
Subwoofer driver : 8” (210mm)
Speaker dimension : 1000X79X80 mm
Packing box dimension : 1085 x 645 x 351mm

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 10087 Κατηγορία:


Edifier brings the world of cinema to you in a dynamic 1m-long stylish
speaker with subwoofer for optimum sound performance. Introducing
the Edifier CineSound B7 for home entertainment and personal enjoyment.
Designed with high strength composite materials that minimizes
acoustic resonance, CineSound B7 is the best soundbar system available

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