Table Mount Clamp-on Cable Organizer Logilink KAB0067

Table Mount Clamp-on Cable Organizer Logilink KAB0067


Designed to mount on the edge of a desk or shelf
Free up desk and floor space, resolved under-desk cord clutter
Adjustable width accommodates most powerstrips from 50-70 mm
Silicone pads provide a firm grip on the powerstrip
EVA foam pads protect surfaces from scratches or scuffs
Clamps onto surfaces up to 50 mm thick
Material: ABS, Steel, Silica Gel
Product Size: 100 x 62 x 163 mm

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Easy to store cables and power strips to keep your desk clean!
The clamp mount allows you to attach a power strip directly to the top of your desk or shelf.
This gives you a direct access to the power source while preventing cables from tangling under your desk.

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