Tablet Case For 8” Element TAB-800P

Tablet Case For 8” Element TAB-800P


High-quality construction and stitching.
Multiple Viewing Angles. Adjustable
stand for optimum viewing and typing angles, .
Designed with a kickstand to prop up your Tablet
while you watch movies, read
ebooks or watch presentations.
Case doubles as a portfolio case and an adjustable stand.
Guaranteed to offer the best protection & versatility for your
Tablet model.

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TAB-800 premium Quality Case. This is the all in one protective combo for 8” Tablets. Digital Element TAB-800 Case/Adjustable Stand is both elegant & classy in design, and versatile and protective at the same time. Our Element Tablet case doubles as a portfolio carrying case and an adjustable stand while on the go. Your Tablet will be well protected in this Element case/stand

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