Tempered Glass Element for HuaWei P9 TEM-01

Tempered Glass Element for HuaWei P9 TEM-01


1.Tempered Glass protector is made of chemically processed glass, whitch has excellent window display, high sensitivity and comfortable touch feeling.
2.Anti-oil coating, avoid smudges and reduce the fingerprints.
3.Surface hardness : 9H
4.Slim tempered glass made by advanced technical process.
5.A.S.F : Anti-shattered film (highly silicone coated)
6.Advanced silicone adhesive.

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Scratch resistant technology : hardness reaches 9H.
High transparency up to 100%, unoform thickness, smooth surface, color display to show the most vivid picture.
Can be used repeatedly: Easy to remove without adhesive residue left on the surface of screen.
Violence test : The best explosion proof film in the market. Delicate touch,Round Edge : 2.5D, Shatter Proof,Perfect adhesion, 0.33mm
Made with specially prossed Tempered Glass to protect Screen of the devive from shocks and scratches,
absorbing impact effectively.

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