Thermal Grease Alseye T9

Thermal Grease Alseye T9


Package : 2g syringe
Themarl conductivity: 13W/m.k
Grease color: Gray
Electrical conductivity: No
Specific gravity: 2.6g/cm³ @25°C
Volume: 5ml Fan oil
Cone penetrations: 310-340mm
Viscosity:260cst Drop point: 175°C
Ice point: 40°C
Water resistance (38°C,1h): 8.0%

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 320009 Κατηγορία:


High Thermal Conduction
Born for the LAN partyers who pursuit for acme.
High Performance,Wide range of application
Compatible with CPU,GPU and other chipset. Easy to overclocking.
Combinate with technology of intelligent factor
Normal working at the harsh environment with the intelligent factor.
Thermal Conductivity up to 13W, the strong performer of thermal grease.

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