Wireless CPE 300Mbps 5GHz Outdoor WIS Q5300 WiController

Wireless CPE 300Mbps 5GHz Outdoor WIS Q5300 WiController


Compliant with 802.11n/a, speed up to 300Mbps
WiD TDMA greatly improves the network scalability in throughput and latency
Multi-operation modes support Gateway/WISP/Client/Access Point
16dBi dual-polarized antenna to build long distance Wi-Fi connection
High output transmission power and reception sensitivity optimized
Passive POE(24VDC) for flexible deployment
Supports RSSI signal LEDs
WPA2/WPA/AES/TKIP and 802.1x authentication
Up to 4 Multiple SSID
Transmit power selectable and distance control
Supports QoS: Traffic Control & WMM
Supports MAC & IP Address Filter
Supports SNMP, Remote Management
IP65 outdoor Weather-proof housing

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WIS-Q5300 is a 5GHz 300Mbps Hi-Power outdoor wireless access point and CPE based on 802.11b/g/n technology. It is high performance, cost-effective and dedicated to long distance wireless network solutions. Featuring the revolutionary power boost technology in hardware design and 16dBi directional dual-polarized antenna, WIS-Q5300 is specialized designed for rural Internet access, long distance wireless data transmission, wireless coverage extension and other industrial wireless solutions.

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