Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro AC-M3-CA

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro AC-M3-CA


Κωδικός προϊόντος: 6.97024E+12


Mi Air Purifier Pro is the result of all of the previous Xiaomi cleaning technology for a device that combines all functions into a product. It is simple, elegant and has a compact design. It features an ultra-clean OLED digital display, which shows real-time PM 2.5, temperature, humidity, WiFi connection and operating mode, allowing you to keep an eye on the air quality in your home. It offers a very high 500m3 / h Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and requires only 10 minutes to distribute fresh air to a 60m2 room. It will make your home healthier as it has a high-precision laser for detecting smallest pollutants. The new aerodynamic pressure system sucks the air from the base and expels it upward with force. The 360 ​​° cylindrical filter absorbs air from all directions, compared to traditional air cleaners. The triple-layered design removes particles larger than 0.3μm while its filter removes bad odors. Advanced aerodynamics ensures noise reduction to enjoy the night’s rest. Mi Home a


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